Tipping the Scales

I want to make it perfectly clear from the begin of my conversation here, I am by no mean endorsing Donald Trump. Actually quite the contrary. I strongly disagree with his politics, oppose his work ethics or should it better be said his lack of ethics, and stand firm in opposing his overall ideology.

I have followed the politics very closely since 2016. And I must admit I was surprised to see Trump win the presidency. I thought to myself he is a bit unseasoned, a bit brash with his word, but maybe this is just what we need. So, I thought I would give him the benefit of the doubt.

One positive thing for me here is I am waking up and paying attention and I am actually investigating via multi medias because I am seeing each of the most popular media put their own spin on the stories. We don’t want that. We’ve outgrown that. We want to get the unadultried news so we can make up our own minds. No spin, no summary, no personal opinion, just the straight up news. We are smart enough to make our own choices. And if I might add we are smart enough to spot bull shit when hear and see it.

There is so much bull shit being slung around DC I’m surprised that town hasn’t been quarantined.

I can’t with all honesty put the blame totally on one person. There is enough blame to touch most of DC. And while I am on the subject of blame, there is a lot left over for We the People. What do I mean by that? It’s We the People who voted in, hired those elected officials in DC. It is We the People who don’t vote. And it is We the People that maybe voted and thought they did their civic duty or maybe they ignored the whole thing. If we think all we have to do is vote these people in and they will take care of everything. They are taking care of things, but I question to what end.

In making the statement about We the People I do not exclude myself. I have to make a confession here. The first time I voted and campaigned for I believe it was Mcgovern. My memory is a little vague it was 40+ years ago. Now, what is hard for me to confess is I have only voted one other time since that first time. It was in 2018 midterm election. And guess what? It made me feel good and then some. I think it is not too late to get involved. So, research each of the candidates, make an educated decision, and by all means vote.

I have gotten a little off track, but if you bare with me for a moment you will see how much what I am saying is part of the solution to what is happening in our nation.

What is my concern? Hasn’t there always been issues in the U.S.A.? Concern , that’s an understatement I am almost at a point of panic. Yes, we have had issues, serious issues, but what makes it different? Transparency, let me explain.

Technology has revolutionized our world. Giving us the ability to process information seeming to have no boundaries, enabling us to reach more people in real time. And to be honest I don’t think we are equip to handle it.It is important to be safe. The old ways are the base or foundation but we must update our system. Business as usual is not good enough. Transparency is good, but then what? It’s right in front of us in real time. We are watching it happen but doing nothing. We need to catch up to speed. As fast as we receive the info, we must react just as fast. To wait is problematic. The issues grow in retrospect. Two years ago we were a nation divided. Today,We are still divided but both side are dug in. What might have been moved with a little effort now appears unmoveable.

Let me see if I can put into prospect some of the things I am seeing that are red flags to me.

Our nation is divided. We are not talking any petty disagreement here. There are major schism here. I would be safe to say these issues have been with us a long long time. We fought a civil war over it.

One might ask why? Why is our nation in such a state of division? There has been a lot of finger pointing mainly in the direction of Donald Trump. I might surprise you in what I am about to say. He has a part in our present environment, but he is not alone.

Trump is the catalyst as he doesn’t mix words promoting racial behavior. In the past three years he has gone to battle with democrats, CIA, FBI, the media and distancing our allies and embracing our enemies. To this point the Republican party are standing behind him.

So what we are seeing here in DC is a president who is on his own side. Then there is the Republican elect who has taken the president’s side. The Democrats have taken the opposing side. There you have it a government divided.

A divided government makes way to a divided nation  as We the People chime in. All the elected in DC including the president are in essence hired by We the People. What we have here is enough of our nation’s population voting in Trump. A nation’s population divided. We are all accountable for who we have elected.

If we claim to be Americans, living in the U.S.A. then we can not deny that there are major issues dividing us. I have heard the statement a lot when the president has done something they deemed inappropriate. “That’s not who we are.” No, that’s exactly who we are. You don’t have to take my word for it just walk around and talk to people.

Tipping the Scales, where does this fit into this post. I hope to give you the answer here. The constitution was written in a way, providing three branches of government. Each structured in a way providing checks and balances to guarantee no abuse in power. This works only if everyone is doing their job following the guidelines of the constitution.

The problem we are facing . We have a president who has hijacked the government. The Senate, one of the checks, refuses to see or take any action, basically falling in line with him. The Legislative Branch, Senate and House are divided over party line causing a stalemate.

The division does not stop in DC. We the People have chimed in either for or against Trump. Why is this dangerous? We have a president who openly advocates hate, bias, and violence. The result of this if not checked is uncertain, but there are hints that thing could get pretty ugly. We have seen random acts of violence. The latest being the shooting in the synagogue in California. Just by chance? Maybe, I am just saying for me it is a bit suspicious. If it had been the only act it would less placable. Almost a year back there was another attack at a synagogue that time it was in Philly. There has several in the media and politicians alike that have received death threats for siding against Trump.

Tipping the scales? You tell me. Trump has half of the Legislative branch of the government refusing to oppose him either willingly or out of fear of retaliation. He is not stopping there. I was wondering why Trump was showing so much interest in the appointment of judges, including two for the Supreme Court. Just doing his civil duty, right??? This has led me to take a look at some of his other appointees and acting secretaries. What I see here is a pattern  developing. He is systematically making his appointments into key positions to benefit his agenda.

To be honest with you I really hope I am wrong in what I am seeing because if I am right things just got a lot uglier. What is the message we are getting from DC ? How can we respect the government and obey the law if we are seeing such open disobedience from the top leaders of our government.

You’re right we can’t!!! .