I just ran across this old post I forgot about till now.

An I too heavy into the drama? Are things not as bad as I think? Well? I think we have been right on the edge several times in American history. Just in my lifetime to date. It began with the Kennedy days, then Nixon, Bush and Bush, and now Trump.

Kennedy inherited the Cold War, saw us through the Cuban crisis, prelude to Vietnam, and his imitate assassination. Johnson gave us a little breather. There was Vietnam . Nixon pushed us all the way into war and managed to blacken the office of presidency in his own corrupt way. Reagan and daddy Bush gave us a little breather and actually got some positive things done. I can’t say the same for his son, Bush. We can thank him for introducing us to our present status in the Middle East. And led us hand in hand, with Wall Street into an almost complete economic collapse. Obama another breath of fresh air. Not perfect by any means. I think he might have got more done had he be blocked at every turn. Thank Mitch. You remember Mitch McConnell , the one in real is doing his best interpretation of a spineless puppet to the White House. Why is that so troubling? Well, where do I begin? The name quite familiar these days, as the man in the White House pulling all the strings,Trump.

I know in writing this piece I am stirring a mixed reaction. I would be naive to think we all believe the same. Especially in America, as we are a diverse collection of citizens. In fact, it is one of the main rights we as Americans share, freedom of speech. We are able to live, think, and speak our mind. Maybe I need to qualify myself to dispel all the haters. We can do and be what we want to be as long as we don’t hurt anyone .

With that said, I respect one’s right to be themselves and expect mutual respect. This works best when one is surrounded by people of like minds, but as you well know that is not the real world.

Since 2016, a phenomena reaching cult proportion. They are the do or die Trumpsters. No matter what Trump does, says, is that they will follow him to the end, to the point where they will take us sword to injure or kill nonTrumpsters. Guess what I have a lot of problems with that.

This flawed imperfect human, that be me can not under any circumstances put all my trust and worship another equally flawed imperfect human. A god he is not. And it doesn’t resemble the America I know.

The other thing that is troubling to me to ignore acts of misconduct, deny acts of misconduct, justify acts of misconduct, cover up acts of misconduct is TOTALLY wrong. WRONG…