I am adding this link as newsworthy.  There is beyond a doubt a grave issue with immigration, but our current elected Whitehouse is a growing part of that problem. If I can be perfectly clear here. It is very difficult to get anything done if no one is listening, is combative. narrow-minded, bias, or anything else that leads to division. I take offense to the thought that because I am open-minded and concerned about human lives that I advocate a policy or no borders, a free for all. That is just not true.

What I do not advocate is the ridiculous idea that is growing out of the president’s current policy on immigration. To think in this day and age that we can just build a big wall around us and insulate us from all the problems in the rest of the world. That is unrealistic and will do nothing more than isolate, even more than we are right now from the real world. How egotistical is it to think that we can go it alone. History has shown us time and time again that it doesn’t work. Consider every great and powerful empire have taken rise and eventually fell. We will prove to be no different. I am not saying this to be belittling or as one that does not love his country. I am sadly stating what is coming to pass.

I know I keep coming back to this, but our Constitution is the foundation of our belief system.  Although it is not perfect it gives us the freedom to expand and evolve and grew and learn. We must be reminded of what makes this nation great, notice this I am not using past tense and I am not using the future tense. What makes America great is its people. We the People are from every nation, culture, race, origin, and ethnicity from all over the world. If it hadn’t been for compassion for humanity most of us wouldn’t be here.

So, what am I saying here? We must deal with this issue with our hearts, compassion for humanity and our minds, with caution in this volatile world.

[Growing caravan of migrants pushes deeper into Mex…]