Phoenix to Seattle update

I am back in Phoenix. You may be asking back in Pheonix so soon. My trip to visit my mom in Seattle was a total wash.  Let me explain. Fron the beginning there were delays I am not talking five and ten minutes here and there. No, it was more like three and four hours. And right as I was leaving L.A. headed to Seattle I got a text message with the worst news possible. The message read ” Mom has died. ” OMG, OMG Hours away and she was gone…

Oh, I am not done yet.  The L.A. bus I was on stopped in Sacramento They said just to change buses. This was at 2am.  By about 4 I’m getting worried when a bus pulls up  I went out to get on the bus driver said it wasn’t my bus. When I quizzed him about it he said something about me not listening to him turning his back he walked away.  I am tripping.

I head to the ticket counter. There is no one there. I finally find a security guard sitting over in the corner. I questioned him but he couldn’t help me. He said there would be someone there at 6:30. Well someone arrived but not till 7a.m.  Do the math I’ve been there for five hours by now.

I walked up to the counter and the first thing out of her mouth was to ask me why did I miss the bus or why didn’t I get on the bus. The question kind of threw me because the only bus that came through they wouldn’t let me on because it was headed to Reno. When I asked her the question to make sure I heard her right. she snapped off something smart and added it would be another twenty dollars if I wanted to go further.

To make a long story short I didn’t want to dump more money into the trip up there, because by the time I’d get up there my mom’s body would be on its way to Phoenix.  So I bought a ticket back.

The bus was due in at  8:15 it was 7:30 forty-five minutes getting closer. I had no other choice at this point.  Wel;l, guess what?  The bus didn’t get there till 9:30 We are talking over seven hours

I left Thursday morning at 8:00am PHX station and got back to the same station Saturday at 2:00am Complete wash.