Walking a simple action. We do it without thinking, putting one foot in front of the other, propelling forward. First the right foot then the left foot, or first the left foot then the right foot. That is not as important as both feet working together in unison. Picking to use one foot or the other causes an imbalance. Of course you can stand on one foot and hop for a while but chances are you will tire, totally lose your balance, and fall over.

Okay Nick, what are you driving at? Life’s journey, a path we all walk both physically and in ideology. To compare the two maybe we can learn something from simply walking.

Lets look for a moment at the word ideology. In this election year we are seeing increasing tension between the right and the left as we try to walk forward politically speaking. Battles between the right and the left blaming, demeaning, and attempting to destroy the other. Causing division, imbalance, and often time paralysis.

Does that sound familiar? Would you for a moment seek to destroy, discredit, or eliminate one or the other of your feet? Of course not! Two boots on the ground give you the confidence to walk that extra mile maybe two or three. Simply put the right foot and the left foot work best when they are working together.

How does this fit into USA 2020? Okay lets take a look at what is up. There is the Dems against the Reps, the whites against the blacks, liberals verses conservatives, right and the left. There are those two words again. Right and left, or left and right it doesn’t matter, its either one side or the other. You are aware it takes BOTH sides to make a whole. That is just the way it works. Two halves make a whole. A house divided against itself will not stand. As long as we have the mind set, I am always right, you are always wrong, blaming others, and not taking responsibility for your actions will continue to divide and conquer us.

It is we not me, us not you or I. I have heard the word bipartisan, but just words. I cannot be any more clear if we don’t change our posture and respect one another we risk losing everything.