Brand New or New Brand

I was just looking through my comments and notifications on WordPress. To my surprise they were congratulating me for blogging with them for 8 years. To some it is a short time span, but time is relative, as the past decade has seen greater change than any other time in my sixty seven years of life on the planet.

Thinking back in retrospect, I started blogging in 2008, with a Google blog site. I have always kept a journal . Writing has always been a part of who I am. So, with the new age of computers I transitioned from pen and paper to blog. I fought it for some time, stubborn and slow to change. A couple of friends read some of my write and said hey man this ain’t too bad, you should put it where others can read it. So, eventually I came around to blogging. The transition helped me to more properly define myself. Other words it helped me find myself.

What am I leading up to here? When I started blogging twelve years back it was different. It was seemingly in it’s early stage. I started to get followers reading my post, but it was more than that. I made it a point to welcome each follow and I actually had a conversation with some of my follower.

Then it all changed. Let me see if I can explain. The whole system, motivation, and mood changed, and I wasn’t on board to be there. Don’t get me wrong , it’s a thrill when someone reads my work and/or follows, but the number stats don’t motivate me. Number of follows, number of likes. I watched as those followers lost their identity in the number game. Oh, you are no longer Jack or Jill, but my 89th follow or you are now number one hundred.

My point is it is time to come out of hibernation. I am in no wise going to quit writing and WordPress is a great vehicle to express my writing. What is quite clear to me is that it is time to update and use all the tools available to me with WP. So in the next week or so you will see some definite changes in my blog and I also will be in contact with each of my followers to see 1:who is still there, 2:see what you are up to, 3: see if you want to continue to follow, and 4: get some feedback. I would appreciate your help here. If I don’t hear from you in a two to three week time I will remove you from my follow list. Nothing personal, it is just time to move forward to the next level. You know what you want and so do I. I have gone to long writing to what feels like no one because I am not hearing from anyone.