I don’t feel safe. Let’s see if I can unpack my thoughts here. The political climate isn’t helping me feel secure. I don’t know I kind of thought two years after Trump that he would fade away.

Instead of finding that normality, it has become more complex, volatile, and divided. I must confess I am a bit naive, growing up in middle-class America, under the protection of my family, and believing in the possibilities of the American Dream.

America, going forward is a work in progress, an experiment in democracy. Humble beginnings, the early settlers can be described as anything but humble. The founding fathers left us with the constitution, a road map, guiding our path to democracy. When we use these tools, we move forward.

Now, there is something else the founding fathers left us, that was the issues of slavery and Native Americans. So it is safe to say these issues have been instrumental in shaping America.

I have been talking around the point, but it is time to get right to the point. America is divided. Don’t believe me look around. The division is nothing new, it has always been with us. We can’t deny it, ignore it, run from it, we must deal with it.

Quite plainly, we do not live in a totally white America, for that matter, there is no place on the planet that is all white. I know I’ve lost the attention of several of you, your anger is kindled, and your only reaction is violence, hurting, or killing others. I am sorry there is nothing right about this solution. History is showing us violence, killing, and war are not the good first or only choice in dealing with our dilemma

I may be an idealist. If I can leave you with two thoughts. One, we need to respect one another. And two, sitting around the round table in conversation, the goal is to compromise, finding solutions we can all live with.

Why not try it, what do we got to lose?