Shorts: AI

We were so busy living our self centered lives, in our self gratifying world, gathering more and more things in an attempt to satisfy our selfish hunger, that we didn’t see it coming. We were familiar with robots, but they were oversized, clumsy, metallic and talking in this monotone boring voice. Not really posing any kind of existential threat to mankind.

So,while we, mankind were busy feeding our hate and greed, robbing and murdering one another, AI, Artificial Intelligence was evolving , improving, maturing, getting stronger and smarter. With each generation of robot, they became a little more like their creator,humans and a little less machine. They even developed a skin like material.

Before long these perfect replicas of humans began filtering into the world market. They were used mostly for jobs too dangerous or hard for a human. And it really became popular in the sex industry. Sex robot became an item to behold.

In looking back, in hindsight maybe something could have been done to derail AI’s growing control… But big money and corporate business saw the advantages and in their usual way managed to corner the market and seal mankind’s fate. All of the major factories began using robots. They didn’t need to take breaks, didn’t demand higher pay, vacations,or sick pay, and never complained, doing exactly what they were told. How could they resist their bottom line pushed them forward and eventually more and more robots started replacing jobs humans once had. Totally blindsighted, thinking their jobs were so secure, they finally realized something was wrong with the picture and began to complain. It was too late robots now were in every corner of human life. Finding how codependent we were on our robot counterpartner we finally caved.

Much has changed from then till now. If you were a small child when this all began, it wouldn’t feel much different, but if you are old enough to remember what was it is all too clear we are no longer living in a free America. The one with the most robots in their charge is in charge.

Every now and then, there will be a band of protesters trying to bring attention to themselves and their needs, and they will be met by an army of robot soldiers. They have but one mission to clear the streets. You must either comply or you are eliminated. I know that’s a heart wrenching scenario, but that is the world we are now in.

What is even more troubling, robots continue to grow in number, able to repair themselves, when they breakdown, and this is the big one, they are able to replicate. So yes, their population continues to grow as human life stagnates. It is predicted that in the next decade they will outnumber the humans. If that is not enough, the ones managing the robots are losing their grip, no longer have them under control. They are beginning to realize humans are weaker. What does that mean? What I stated before they are becoming a little more human and a little less machine with every new generation. Think about it.

Don’t worry this is a story that is fiction, but I cannot rule out the possibility that our AI status is gradually upgrading . I’m just saying…