They have ears to hear and eyes to see but do not hear or see

Over the past 24 hours, I had some odd conversations. What appears to me as being odd is how the general public is taking in the current information and what they are doing with it. I was under the premise that most of the population would be waking up as their American Dream is now becoming their worst nightmare. I also thought most people were free thinking rational minded citizens able to take in information and make sound decisions. But instead quite the opposite is in play.

I realize in this tech world of transparency it can get a bit confusing. And it doesn’t help at the intensity of the scandalous activity in D.C. We are talking almost on a daily basis.What makes it so confusing is what I have come to call “ the spin “. One side gets the info and they spin the story to appease their interests. The other side gets the same story and spin it in the opposite direction to appease their interests. The problem here is this constant spin is creating division.

Something else I’ve noticed is distractions. They become fixated on detail or overthinking a situation, and the real problem gets buried in the detail. Then there are the out and out lies and deception. It is a bit scary how numb everyone is getting . One of my troubling issues is what has happened with the children that were taken from their parents. And here we are months and months later, well we aren’t talking about it but as far as I know the issue hasn’t been resolved.

Another problem I am having, actually I’ve since high school in the late 60’s saw it as a growing problem, and that is all things environment. All the garbage is piling up. We are dumping it into the air, the water, and the ground. I don’t care what Trump says, it is not okay.We may not be able to turn completely around. Baby steps are better than no steps at all. I tell you what as long as we continue to appease the corporate lobbyist things will continue to deteriorate.

Can I go on I’m on a roll. Let’s talk about war for a moment. It seems at the first sign of disagreement our first defense is to send troops. In my lifetime I don’t remember us not being at war somewhere in the world. And when that isn’t enough we pick up the gun and fight amongst ourselves.

So what or where do we go from here? It’s a process yes, but it’s gotta start somewhere. A good place to start is to update a few things. Get rid of that Electoral College and set a term limit on the Congress. It’s not going to solve it all but it’s a start.

We need to know that every vote counts and with limited terms maybe it will remove some of the temptation that all theses career politicians seem to yield to.

In my opinion, the number one priority is to vote out this present acting president with his acting cabinet. Why do I think it is of paramount importance? It is clear that Congress, that governing body that has the authority under the Constitution to bring balance and accountability with the Executive branch of government lack the fortitude to stand up to him when he blunders.