January 1st,2020

Well, I had a lot of positive things I wanted to talk about… BUT they will have to take the back burner will I address this latest …. How do I word it? The killing of the Iranian general a day or so back is my topic. 2020 will be documented as the beginning of a new war in the middle east.

I am very much in shock at this moment. I am sitting in my local coffee house drinking a cold brew and beginning my write.

I am feeling a bit odd. I don’t expect everyone to be going crazy with loud debate. There is not one single conversation on the subject. Not one word. Wouldn’t you think that odd?

I am no lover of war and I don’t advocate first choice use of violence. Help me to understand why what appears to be a hasty decision. Taking out a top official will have a backlash. Were the consequences considered? I am no means an expert on Middle East affairs. I am just trying to understand what is happening. And to prepare for the consequences. I know there will be.

Iran is not like any other enemy we have had before. Right or wrong is not my issue. They are majorly different in ideology. Their hatred for America has had several years to cultivate. Maybe 50+. That’s no exaggeration.

I know I’m bad, I’m a worrier. I know it’s a waste of energy, but it’s hard to change a lifetime of behavior. I still must ask in closing. Where do we go from here???

I know I am running behind on so of my posts. I found a few posts that I misplaced so here is one of a few I am now posting.