Friday, December 7, 2018

As I reflect on the year 2018 I have had to rethink many things that I thought were settled. Life and death, missing loved ones that have passed. Reckoning of mortality. Time passes so quickly. Live the moment. I know that isn’t what we are taught from birth, as to work hard for a successful future, regret the shortcomings of the short and distant past, and in doing so, missing the blessing of the moment.

I have always asked why seeking the meaning of life. And although my understanding is clearer, it is not complete. And the reason for this my journey is not complete. With this said, each step I take brings enlightenment. And what I think is key here is in all that I receive I must equally give. This completes the circle. There is a freedom in walking in this understanding. Do I always walk this walk? I must be honest. I do fall short. I say I am human. Not to make it an excuse, but to realize my shortcomings and strive to do better.

I know I have said it before, but it ring louder now than ever before we are living in a time where we need our lights to shine brighter. Brighter than ever!  The world is a dark place and a bit scary I understand that . It is easy to run and hide in a place  that is safe. Ask me how I know. Can’t give up I have to try and reach out.

I think as Americans we are facing the greatest challenge to our democracy than anything we have encountered since the Civil War. The enemy is not outside our borders, but within. We have gotten to the point where we have stopped listening. We have become so complacent. Thinking we indestructible. Allowing greed to exist unchecked. 

We’re come too far to turn back now…

I know we may be farther from perfect then we thought we were, but I do think that ideally, democracy can work. I am not a politician, but I am not a dumb sheep either. I like what I’ve read in the constitution. I like the idea of being free to speak my mind. I like the idea to a balance of power was the responsibility is spread in three branches of government, checks, and balances. I believe in WE THE PEOPLE. I believe that a free united America is possible.

 There are two thing right off the bat , okay three things. Electoral College verses popular vote?  Lobbyist, PAC,  special interest whats with all that money. And lastly Congress as career politicians . Why not limited terms. Two terms are plenty. That would be 12 years for the Senate and 4 years on the House. Just a thought.