Life After Sixty… What is this?

Oh my God, where do I begin?  My topic for this post has been on my mind for some time now.  I’ve tried to ignore it, deny it, and anything else to put it out of my mind. Boy I know how that goes. No rest til I write about it.I guess the subject has always be in the back of my mind, but not seeming all that important. After all I’m too busy living life to be concerned with aging. Granted there have been mile stones like growing from infant to adolescent, adolescent to teenage, and teenage  to adult.These were all welcome change.

I can not say all this began this year on the fourth of May,  but was the catalyst for bringing all this forthcoming.  As you have probably guessed  May 4th  is my Birthday. Not just any birthday, but my 60th  Birthday.I say that every year as I am thankful  for life’s blessing and good health. Despite the fact that I haven’t always taken care there.

As I said before I am of the mind-set if you stay busy you don’t have time to get old. Well in the one sense of the word. I’m not trying to project an image of denial. Time is taking its tole on the body and mind. It is a natural fact  And anyone thinking otherwise isn’t living a human dream. Our bodies were built for what they do no more .. We  can cut short what the body is able to do. We see clearly evidence of that every day. I don’t think the body was built with the intent of  receiving  fast-moving projectiles aimed at them  from an exploding bomb.  Or to digest some of  the cancer growing pollutants we put in the air daily. Durable yes, but it was created as a temporary dwelling. A life cycle as it were.

Okay, up to this point I find no room for debate. The evidence is clear.Every living thing follows their cycle of life. If I may use an analogy. The cards are dealt.We then must play out that hand to the best of our ability. With these being said I find myself taking issue with ones telling me what, when, and how to play my cards.Or belittling me even further by playing it for you.

Like you have reached the magic age of 60, oh you can’t do this or that any more. Why I  ask? Answer because people your age… bla, bla.. Here let me do it for you. Question why, I do it so much better than you just ask anyone…Well… Well nothing. If it works why try fixing or replacing it Don’t call the game over till that last card gets played….