America, the Illusion, Delusion

The year was 1960, it was an election year. I was a Kennedy fan but too young to vote being as I was in grammar school. Back then if they were not teaching us how to be safe from nuclear attack by crawling under our desks, we were being schooled to be civic minded. As a demonstration we conducted a mock presidential election.

I campaigned and voted for J.F.K. and was excited when he actually won the election. I was so proud to be an American.Being so lucky to live in the richest country on the planet.

The first hit came in November 1963 when they murdered our president. I remember the day it happened. They made an announcement over the loudspeaker at school the president had been shot and killed in Dallas. We marched single file outside to the front of the school where the flagpole stood and watched as they lowered it to half mass.This is the tradition when someone important dies.

For the next months I was glued to the TV taking in everything from the footage, the capture and murder of Oswald, the funeral of J.F.K., and the Warren report with it’s findings. It didn’t add up then and now over fifty years later it still doesn’t add up. Or should I say it adds up to one massive cover-up.

I am certain it didn’t happen as they tried to get us to believe, but we still don’t know who they are or why did it. I can’t help but feel America lost a little bit of it’s soul that day. I’m not accusing them of the actual murder of J.F.K. but for whatever reasons they aided and abetted with the cover up…

Continuing through the remainder of the 60’s and early 70’s I experienced intense growing pains. My questions increased as I tried to understand what was going on around me. Drugs and sex and rock n roll was a pleasant distraction as the Beatles came on the scene giving us an alternative to the status quo.

It was those High School years that began to shape my present day ideology. Not what they were teaching in the classroom, but what they weren’t teaching. The half and deceptive truth spun in the classroom only caused me to ask more and more questions. Why this and what about that??? Spirituality vs religiosity was a topic often discussed in off school time, as well as war and peace… I am not talking about the book here. Vietnam there was something very wrong there. People I knew two or three years older than me barely eighteen going off to fight another senseless war that they were claiming was not a war. I’m sorry you got two sides pointing guns at each other . Killing each other. Plain and simple that’s war.

I did manage to make it through those high school days only to get caught up in the Jesus movement. Through the 70’s there was a huge energy wave of spirituality that swept the country and possibly the whole planet. Hippies and Jesus Freaks side by side trying to make a difference in this crazy world.

Now, fast forward to today I look back over all I’ve seen and learned and done, in retrospect I see a bit clearer. And the outcome is not quite what I expected.

Let me see if I can put it into words. This is the point of everything I am trying to say here today.I am just going to put it straight out at ya . This is my opinion. There may be others but I feel it is important to make my thoughts known.We grew up watching our parents trying to live the American Dream. Working hard with little reward I think they would have been quite happy if I would have followed in their footsteps. Doing time in the military, college, finding my place in corporate America, marry, and raise a family.

I wanted something different for my life, although I wasn’t sure what that was at the time.There seemed to be many in my generation seeking a change. We were going to make those changes for the good.

The hippy movement, Jesus movement, civil rights, war protest, and with it came the music and the drugs.

We were convinced we were making that positive change. I hadn’t thought about it this way before, but it was all a distraction. The American Illusion Delusion. Take the civil rights movement. With all that protest and the the ones killed for the cause. They threw them a little meat passing legislation for civic rights. What else came out of that? Jim Crow. American Illusion Delusion.

What happened to those war protesters, activist and the like. The Chicago Seven, Jerry Rubin went to wall street. what became of the Jesus movement. They all became TV evangelist and rich. And the drug quit being fun becoming a need. So many battling addiction.

While mainstream was/is distracted living the American illusion delusion, a small group, the 1% have been grabbing all the wealth. Buying their way in D.C. Kidnapping the government.

I know what some are thinking I went over the edge, conspiracy, or just plain crazy. I am none of the above. Guess what? I don’t have to waste time arguing my point. If everybody would wake up and look around to what is happening. It is proving itself to be true.

America, the Illusion, Delusion…