The World through Our Eyes

It is quite interesting for me to listen to conversations. My first time out in the world. Maybe that is the wrong choice of words. My first time out in public, the conversations, point of views, and interactions. I’m pretty amazed at actions, reactions, belief systems. Many are much different than myself, as well as some who are of like mind.

Paranoia has gone rampant. I know I shouldn’t eavesdrop. It’s not with malicious intent. It grants me an opportunity to learn human nature. It is so easy to become narrow in my focus while sitting at home.

We are a social creature, with an insatiable appetite for interaction. The main thing I discovered was we are much the same. Maybe not in the ideology per say but from the standpoint of trying to make sense out of this wacky world. Using the resources we have and just trying to survive, taking care of our families and/or ourselves. We are looking for happiness, freedom, and a chance to pursue our dreams.

Yes, we are all different, different ideals, value systems and perception. That is why it is necessary now more than ever to master the art of communication. What do I mean by this? Communication is two fold, talking and listening. Having trouble with people not listening to you? Try talking to them instead of at them. Let me add one more point and then I can close this post.It is not enough to just listen. We need to actually hear what is being said. We have gotten so good at tuning people out. Like you’re listening right, ya ,right, sure, and when they are done if I asked you what was said you’d go da I can’t remember. Right?