United We Stand Divided We Fall

United we stand divided we fall. These words although they are true demand action. It’s not just flowery speech, political rhetoric. Words are meaningless without appropriate action. You can’t be preaching unity and at the same time sowing discourse.

Two long years ago Americans a new president. Many people including myself wondered, how could that happen? There is no way, no one believes as he believes. But we are seeing that wasn’t true. If you don’t see it you’re looking the other way.

Every day there is a new story too many to recall them all, but I want to bring up a few examples. Let’s talk about pipe bombs sent in the mail. We aren’t talking about one or two, but the count has risen fifteen or sixteen. Luckily, none detonate in transport or reached their target. Now, they seem to have found the one involved. Well, we shall see. Then there was the mass shooting in Philly in a Jewish synagogue. Eleven died, one of those eleven was a Holocaust survivor. That sort of got to me. There are other things happeningĀ  Just read your newspaper. Every day there is something.

Am I blaming Trump? In a roundabout way, I guess I am. Preaching the need for unity and then turning around and spreading discord. Hate, lies, and violence. If Trump says it’s okay then we must be able to do it.

Unity cannot be achieved bullying others, that don’t see it your way, into submission. The name calling and lies don’t help matters either.