Blindly turning back into the fire

It’s crazy what I am seeing here . Instead of putting out the whirlwind fire this election year has brought us safely out of, there are those that are turning back, stoking the fire, and blindly running back into the blaze. I’m a bit confused, America are we that far apart in ideology?

The answer appears to be yes, to that question. What we believe is diverse, all over the board. It seems to be the extreme on both sides of the spectrum that are the most combative.

I ask you, why now? This is nothing new. The founding fathers faced the same issues we are facing today, only today it is amplified and embedded into the fiber of American life. Centuries of denial cements beliefs into place and pits American against American. This is quite alarming.

Where do we go from here? To face reality is the first step. We must come to that place, realizing who we are. Then and only then can we consider what we want to become, choosing a new direction to follow.

One thing that is perfectly clear it can not be one side or the other. There has to be a meeting of the minds, a compromise if you will. Civil War is not an option, to continue as we are is not an option. We need an honest debate, addressing real issues and agreeing on working solutions. Plain and simple we can’t remain divided. The issues are many and complex. There is no one line solution, but carefully planned baby steps, focused on the big plan solution. Why bother doing anything, the country is in the shitter, there is no hope. I strongly disagree, every American is important, and the freedom and liberty and expression that every person is created EQUAL. We are worth it, democracy is worth it. Whatever, it takes, we must try.

I have one more point to make before I close. Bear with me as I search for the right words to express what I want to say. We are the Human Race… All of us… Equally human… There is no place on the planet where you will not encounter a diversity of humans. Diversity does not mean one is better or worse than another. This is the reality whether we accept it or not. What is key here is how we, all of us on planet Earth choose to deal with it. And remember this there are consequences, consequences to are actions. I don’t see as though we should take this warning lightly. The existence of our species is in the balance and we are the only ones that can rescue ourselves. It is not the act of a single soul but ALL of our souls. All or none, total not just one. PERIOD…