How did we…

How did we get here? Where is here? Is this where I want to be? If no is your answer, then what do I do about it? If yes is your answer then you probably will not care to read on, although you are welcome.

In a little over two years it is as if the vail has been lifted, the door has been open, the masks removed. And what is revealed is how divided we are in ideology. This is not a new revelation the issues were always a place of contention. In fact it got so bad we found ourselves in the Civil War.

At war’s end the nation was reunited, but I am not so sure if the rudimental issues were dealt with. Actually, I could safely say they weren’t. You might say they went undercover, hooded covers that is. Or even pass bias laws, like Jim Crow. If you haven’t heard the name Jim Crow, Google it.

The issues have not gone away,nor have they been dealt with.So it should be no surprise that we are where we are at today. It’s like we hired this guy to manage the White House without reading his resume, let alone not doing a background check. If we had things might have turned out different. Unless this is exactly where you want to be.

Okay, I have a few more areas to cover so I’ll move along here. As I was saying there has always been opposing views. It comes with our diversity. I don’t expect to agree on every point. In the past there has been contentious arguments, but at the end of the day they would discover compromise.

If I reflect on the Trump days I have nothing nice left to say. I can hear some chastising words. Nick, you never gave him a chance nit picking, making something out of nothing. That statement can’t be further from the truth. During this past presidential election I was unable to pick either candidate. Thinking this is America is this the best we can do? Clinton didn’t answer crucial questions I had about her and Trump the newbie I wasn’t sure he had then sauve to be president, but when he was elected, and yes he was elected, I reasoned with myself. Give him the benefit of the doubt. Give him time to work it.

Well, we have had over two years to see what he can do. Almost on a daily basis I have been disappointed. From his racist remarks and the way he treats Blacks, Muslims, Jews, Mexicans, and women. The way he does business. A person’s ethics is reflect the character of that person. Lying is very high on the rating scale. He is over the top. I have to be honest Respect is earned. I don’t disrespect him, but I can’t respect a man or woman who puts money above human life.

I am very troubled living in the Trump era. Living through several presidents administrations, as I have previously said there has been issues of division, but the president managed to pull us together. Not so with our present president. He is the one leading the charge so to speak. All one has to do is watch his rallies and through his words and deeds he promotes violence, condoning supremacy, and verbalizing racial slurs.

What troubles me the most under past presidents none are perfect.All have made mistakes. We all make mistakes and we will always have problems and issues. With this said, in those days there was a different aura for the lack of a better word to describe it. There was a patriotism, a love of country, proud to be American, and the good outweighed the the bad and people were living the American dream.

Honestly, this is not so now. I must add it is not all Trump although he is a large contributor. WE have become an embarrassment all over the world. There are ones, many more than just a few, who have sold out the American people. Becoming rich from donations from lobbyist, corp. money, and super pacs, leaving them indebted to big money and not WE the people.

There is one thing that is both confusing and alarming is the way Trump appear to be buddying up to Putin as he undermines his own country, government security agencies and the free press. The Saudi cover up was another one. The CIA told him about it and he pushed them aside and took the crown prince ever changing story. And by the way what became of that? Nothing. How much is on the public’s mind? It’s not. Simply put the Saudis murdered one of their enemies in plain sight, in front of the world and noone did a damn thing about it. In a broad sense of the word involved with the cover up would make them accessories. What struck me a bit odd at the last sumit the crown prince greeted Putin with high-five and big shit eating grins. Maybe it was nothing just good old boys sharing a good time or joke. I’m just saying.

So many other things come to mind. Too many to share here. All I can say is I don’t feel safe and secure in the country I call home.I have lost confidence in the man we elected to manage the White House.

You could say I’m losing faith in legislators who rushed a bill through when no one was paying attention to remove the sanctions from the Russian businesses. One of the companies just happened to be a heavy contributor to Mitch Mcconnell. Coincidental right.