Today was just another normal Sunday,. The alarm went off at 4a.m. Giving me two hours before I had to be to work at Desert Terrace a local nursing  home. My position there is cook. Breakfast  ran smoothly. Lunch had a few set backs but we managed to pull through on time.  With Breakfast and Lunch complete,  and Dinner prep well on it’s way, I figured it  was a good time for me to take a break.

On my way back from break I check with the other cook to see if it’s all good and then  to finish my clean up.  That’s when I heard the siren  in the distance. As it drew closer it became a concern. Siren coming usually means something serious. One of the girls I work with  said it’s for Mr. Hulks. Sorry I am not sure of the name spell. He had come there shortly after I came to work there. About a year ago.  Yes I knew Mr. Hulks well H e as very picky about his food. And he let me know it. Insisted on doing certain things for himself. Time has a way of  draining  our will to be. So to me it was  refreshing  to see some one with spunk.

Anyway,, as I was leaving to clock out the paramedics where on their way out as will. They had worked on him the better part of an hour and couldn’t  bring him back.  I realize the environment I am working  in lends itself to a higher mortality.  After all for most of the elderly that come there it will be their last home before  pass away.

With this said I’ve tried to insulate my feeling  by not allowing myself to get to close. I did say try.  I must confess  Mr. Hulks managed to slip through my defenses and if just for a moment I felt my humanity. And that is okay it’s good to feel grief and to mourn. These emotions are just as much apart of life as joy and happiness.