10:00 sharp. Why am I so sure on the time? My class got out 9:45 and I had  two hours before my next class. I always spent that time either in the library or The Coffee Hut, the local watering hole. Open 24/7, with an menu of more flavors Star Bucks, and five minute walk from anywhere on campus made it the busiest place in town.

Anyway, as I was saying. I got out of class at 9:45 and walked to the Coffee  Hut for a tall ice coffee. Booting up my computer, I wanted to continue  writing my first draft on my story for my creative writing class.

The campus clock was sounding off ten rings and stopped. That’s when it happened. My computer screen went dead. I was surprised because it had a full charge  All around me computers were going dead  Then  the lights,  TV, and anything else electrical  went dead.

I heard some one say their mp3 player was dead. Strange that one runs on batteries, Not in a panic but pretty dam close I wandered out the front door to see if it was happening anywhere else.

There was an eerie quiet calm.  Then I realized I didn’t hear a single car engine. In fact there were several cars on the street with their hoods up and confused drivers wondering what was wrong. All the buildings up and down the street pitch dark. Big Ben the campus clock read 10:00 straight up.  Looking at my watch 10:00. Grabbing my cell phone I couldn’t raise a signal. Very strange. There must be a logical explanation for all this? But at the moment I  had none.

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